+ Style

Are you minimalist, eccentric, romantic or crazy?
We love to make you happy.

Let’s have fun! It’s a party! We start by choosing the location and the atmosphere. We can follow romantic tradition or amaze everyone with one lunacy after the other, but we always do it with great style. We do whatever is important for you so that everyone feels good and will remember this day as something unforgettable.

There are two main types of people, those that know what they are looking for and those that don’t have the slightest idea. With us, you are in good hands either way.


I DO wedding and events planner is a point of reference to make the complicated seem easy.
If you imagine a traditional elegant style, in shades of white from the flowers to weightless tulle, we would suggest a castle on a lake. However, if you want to attempt to surprise with bright colours combined with bronze and gold then you want the latest trend.
There are infinite styles. Let’s start now to discover yours!